Where Our Journey Began As Solcrete Contractors

Thanks for joining me! Get to Know us Better Now.

When we first started, we agreed upon consistency in quality of services, integrity and respect for our clients. This is what makes us serve our clients to the highest standards.



Cementitious Urethane Flooring

Solcrete Contractors, formerly known as JEDA contractors was established in the year 2001 under the stewardship of Eng. Walter Haudo. 
The rebranding of the company from JEDA to Solcrete Contractors later took place in the year 2017 to incorporate the product diversification scheme, a partnership the company entered with Jessica Katom; the present Company President and Chief Executive Officer and Paul Stump; the Company Technical Director.

Currently, Solcrete Contractors is the leading construction company dealing in the supply and application of construction protective coatings in not only in kenya But also across East Africa. At Solcrete Contractors, we deal in products such as Resin (polyurethane and epoxy floor) floor systems, all ranges of waterproofing products, joint sealants and concrete admixtures.

Since the Company first started up to this very day, our people have always been its main driver of growth, without whom it would have been impossible to guarantee quality of service to the customers.

At Solcrete Contractors, we never set for anything less than providing you with speedy and reliable technical support. Relying on the strongest team of certified architects and engineers, solcrete contractors is the leading epoxy flooring company in kenya. 

Solcrete contractors is right here for you; ready to help with the most specialized technical  issues.

Visualization only works if we you work HARD. It is hard work that has made Solcrete Contractors grow to be leading epoxy floor and waterproofing company in Kenya and East Africa.

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