Here’s what to consider while choosing the right joint Sealants

This is a polymer-based gasket used in building and construction design applications to fill and protect joints between two substrates. It is used to seal joints, gaps and openings between two or more substrates to prevent environmental elements that provide conditions that may lead to corrosion. It is designed to protect joint edges from corrosion in concrete and clay tiles.

While sealants account for only a small proportion of the cost of a building project, their performance is vital to the integrity of any structure. You can trust Solcrete Contractors’ expert knowledge of joint design and expertise in sealant technology to help you choose the right sealant for your specific application.

Here’s the right way to apply sealants

Solcrete Contractors manufactures and supplies:

  • Pouring grade sealants – designed exclusively for horizontal joints in floors and pavements.
  • Gun grade sealants – suitable for use in vertical and horizontal joints.

Choosing the right sealant depends on the properties needed for its purpose, including the expected movement of the joint, what the joint must retain or keep out (water, dust/dirt, sewage etc.), and how quickly the applied sealant needs to perform.

Application of Gun Grade Sealants

Solcrete Contractors Solflex Sealant, for example was specially developed as an innovative fast curing airfield pavement sealant which, since its launch, is already saving many of our customers considerable time and money due to its rapid return to service and durability.

Application of Pouring Grade Sealant

Contact Solcrete contractors for solutions in joint sealants, concrete admixtures, waterproofing materials and epoxy flooring. We provide products that offer lifelong solutions to your construction problem.

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