Epoxy Floor for the food industry; Solcrete Contractors’ solution

Industrial facilities of all kinds in Kenya are required to adhere to numerous federal government standards, and the food processing industry is certainly no exception. Because of the nature of the products they produce, food processing plants are under closer scrutiny by regulators than many other industries.

In food and beverage plants, where cleanliness and purity are paramount, it is highly advisable that concrete floors be covered with an appropriate protective coating, very often provided by seamless, hygienic floor coating system.

The floor of a food processing facility is typically exposed to all sorts of food byproducts, including fats, hot oils, blood, sugar solutions, and natural food acids. Some of these substances can cause serious damage to concrete because of their corrosive nature. In addition, these contaminants can infiltrate uncoated concrete, resulting in uncontrolled growth of bacteria, ultimately degrading the processed food’s purity.

Consequently, coatings selected for application to food and beverage processing facility floors must be durable enough and thick enough to create a protective barrier that prevents contaminants from permeating the concrete substrate and ensures a hygienic surface. 

Solcrete contractors’ Epoxy & Polyurethane flooring products are chemically engineered to withstand chemical exposures, thermal shock resistance, anti-slip easy to clean and maintain and durable making them the best choice to go with in the food processing industry.

Through years of experience and offering services to companies like: Nandi teas, Mogeni teas, Premier foods, JKIA, Kampala pharmaceutical industries, Six square ltd, Kandia fresh produce, AAA growers, KDF and many more, we have earned the trust of our clients by providing them with turnkey flooring products that have served them ten years down the line and still intact as new.

If you are looking to find a fit floor for your facility, contact us today and we will advise you on the suitable product for you.

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